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Features of Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry Today, designers have found a way to help people carry their essential oils, which is known for its healing abilities through aromatherapy, throughout the day, wherever they go. So, instead of bringing your bottles of essential oils in your handbag, a better way is to make a fashion statement and wear your essential oils in a piece of diffuser jewelry. This is a perfect combination of art, style, and scent. Now people who are sold on aromatherapy can have a new item in their wardrobe, the essential oils diffuser jewelry. There are three popular types of these essential oil diffuser jewelry which people can purchase. Different personalities can choose the kind of aromatherapy jewelry that suits them best. Amphora replicas is one type of aromatherapy jewelry which is popular today. This jar is glazed on the outside but porous clay on the inside and it has no life. People use this jewelry as a necklace hung around the neck with a ribbon or cord. This aromatherapy jewelry will contain your personal blend of essential oils on the inside and on the handles. The essential oils that you put inside the amphora jar gets absorbed by the clay and the way that it is diffused throughout the day is through evaporation caused by your body heat. Once the amphora jar is seasoned, it will then take only a few drops of your favorite essence to reactivate the scent. Dark, thick oils will make the while clay inside the jar discolored and so it is recommended to use clear, thin oils. The benefits of using pure essential oils in your amphora includes soothing your emotions, inspiring creativity, boosting concentration, clearing your sinuses, and many more.
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The aromatherapy pendant or potions bottle is another kind of essential oil diffuser jewelry. A potions bottle can contain a substantial amount of your favorite oils or oil blends and can be very pleasant to look at. These pendants are colorful and can have beads, charms, and silver or copper wire works. In order to enjoy the essential oils that you have chosen, simply pop the cork and smell the oils inside of apply it to your skin as you desire.
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Diffusing essential oils with the aromatherapy locket is with the use of the wick system. In this type of jewelry, you just open the locket, drop some of your favorite oils, close the locket and enjoy it. If you are someone who uses essential oil but do not want it to touch your skin, you can use this locket as a necklace, bracelet or key chain. Diffusing your essential oils is possible through the small openings in the locket metal. You don’t need to open the locket to enjoy the healing aromas.