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Why People Undergo Hair Removal Permanent hair removal through the use of laser will be explained in this guide. Laser hair removal explained. Laser hair removal simply means the removal of hair through the use of laser. Laser heats up the hair follicles and renders them inactive through the heat emitted by pulsating lights. Laser can be used in the removal of hair in different parts of the body but you need to undergo multiple treatment sessions. What are required preparations for laser hair removal?
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Consultation is the first in the couple of things to do when preparing for laser hair removal. The consultation prior to laser hair removal is done by an experienced dermatologist.
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Laser hair removal is done only when the dermatologist have assessed the suitability of your skin to the procedure and asked your medical history. There must be full disclosure of the risks and the benefits of the treatment option to give you the information you need in making a decision. The procedure on laser hair removal can only proceed when your complexion is natural in color and you are not taking or using the contraindicated medications. Before the scheduled date of treatment, be sure to shave the treatment area two to three days before. Short and visible hair are the criteria for a treatment area for the laser to be effective. These are the steps in laser hair removal. The treatment of laser uses the pulsating beam of light to heat up and render inactive the hair follicles as mentioned earlier. Although one session of laser hair removal may affect a large number of hair follicles, subsequent sessions are required for the results to be visible because the differences in hair growth and length must be considered. It may be necessary to require multiple sessions of hair removal using laser as the treatment modality because only those hair in active growth stages are affected. During your laser hair removal session, a hand held laser will be pressed by the Doctor to your skin and activate the beam light for a fraction of a second so that hair follicles are heated. There is some degree of skin damage when laser treatment is used extensively although the procedure is safe and effective and some hand held lasers have been fitted with devices to cool the skin. Is hair removal permanent? Yes the process of laser hair removal is permanent because the hair follicles have been damaged and will no longer support hair growth. The permanent damage of laser to the hair follicles is the reason why hair is unable to grow. No holes or marks can be seen after the process of laser hair removal. After hair is removed from the damaged hair follicles, the surrounding skin will close and a soft surface is left where the hair once grew. Once the whole process is complete, hair will no longer be able to grow back.