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Benefits of Using Orgonite Pendants

Orgonite pendants are health tools that give us a lot of benefits. Orgonite, as yet, is not known to many people. You might also be wondering who invented orgonite and what it can do for you. Here are some things about orgonite that may help you find out if it is good for you.

To create a natural barrier around the user inorganic matter is mixed with organic matter in equal parts to make orgonite. Many people who do not believe in energy healing can still make sure of orgonite pendants as jewelry items because they are beautiful to look at. Orgone energy is believed to come from the mixture of the inorganic matters which is usually some form of metal, ether powdered or shaved, and organic ones will be natural resin like amber, fiberglass, or composites. Orgone energy is a lot like chi or life force that destroys negative energy.

The balanced method for making orgonite work was discovered by Karl Welz who discovered orgone energy as well. It was during that 1930s that Wilhelm Reich first researched on this and he discovered that organic and inorganic compounds were placed in alternate layers then it is able to filter out negative ions and let the positive ions through which can be tapped and used for one’s own benefits.

An orgonite pendant is an orgonite suspended on a chain or in an enclosure. They are made by hand, as most orgonite is created by people themselves, and there are very few commercial manufacturers or orgonite. In these craftsmen and artisans are able to create beautiful things which are beneficial to our bodies.

As part of their personal holistic regimen, some people use orgonite. If you are a person concerned about EMF, negative energy, and other nuisances of modern life that can bring you down, it is worth looking into orgonite to see if it might be right for you. The effect of layering organic and inorganic substances creates a unique piece every time and it has a beautiful outcome. It is like ancient creatures trapped in amber, whether it was fired or not.

Although not all the claims of orgonite can be proven true, a lot of people today can testify to the fact that it has benefited them by using orgonite and an orgonite pendant. Some of the benefits that they have reported are: improved ability to relax, less stress, and better mental clarity; relief from insomnia, a better and more restful sleep; increased flexibility and alertness.

An orgonite pendant can give you all these benefits and if you want to try, you can simply make you own orgonite by mixing the necessary metal and resin, or layer the organic and the inorganic compounds.

Scalar energy pendants are great because it is made from volcanic rock and other materials which are beneficial.